Few diseases create the level of fear associated with a new diagnosis of cancer. Fortunately, cancer experts have estimated that at least 50 to 60 percent of cancer cases can be prevented through evidence-based modifications in lifestyle and diet. “A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race” is a landmark, evidence-based guide to a healthy cancer-prevention lifestyle, and updates readers on the findings of hundreds of recent cutting-edge cancer research studies, performed by the world’s foremost cancer research scientists. Read more

About Robert A. Wascher, MD

Dr. Wascher is the author of numerous research papers, book chapters, articles, essays, and columns on a variety of health-related topics, and serves as a consultant in both Oncology and Surgery for multiple health care and health information organizations.
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Few, if any, diseases evoke a greater sense of dread than cancer. Patients newly diagnosed with cancer often react with a combination of fear and disbelief, and with a powerful and sudden realization that nothing is promised to any of us beyond the current moment. Read more

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